Policy engagement

The Partnership has advocated for women and children’s health through several policy consultations for the UK Department of Health and Social Care, Public Health England and other key policy stakeholders.

This includes supporting fortification of food with folic acid, equipping healthcare practitioners to ask about pregnancy intention, and developing an annual report card on preconception health to increase visibility, accountability and investment in women and children’s health in the Post COVID context.

Image credits World Obesity Federation

  • Response to UK Government consultation on Health and social care statistical outputs, 2024 Download here
  • Report: "A Preconception Care Strategy" by the Children's Alliance, with contributions from UK Preconception Partnership members, 2023 Download here
  • Response to UK Parliament Prevention in Health and Social Care Inquiry "Improving preconception health to prevent ill-health and reduce disparities across generations", 2023 Download here
  • Response to UK Parliament My Science Enquiry "Levelling up life chances preconception", 2022 Download here
  • The Partnership's Response to Call for Evidence on Women’s Health Strategy, 2021 Download here
  • Halting the rise in Type 2 Diabetes in under 5 years - Response from the Preconception Partnership to enquiry on prevention of Type 2 Diabetes by tom Watson (MP) Download Here
  • Letter to MP supporting Folic acid fortification
  • Written evidence submitted to the Early years development review by the Department of Health and Social Care Read here