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Welcome to the UK Preconception Partnership

- supporting preparation for pregnancy and parenthood

About us

The UK Preconception Partnership was established in 2018 to articulate a vision and take forward an action plan to improve preconception health and care, translating the evidence presented in a Lancet Series on this topic and normalising the concept of preparing for a healthy pregnancy.

What we do

The work of the Partnership covers a broad range of activities including engaging with policymakers to support policies related to women's preconception health, exploring research gaps and generating evidence through bottom-up strategies and public engagement, and harnessing routine data sources to build a robust system to monitor the state of preconception health in the UK.


A society in which preparing for healthy pregnancy & parenthood is a routine part of life; health care and environmental conditions are conducive to wellbeing before a pregnancy in all families; inequalities in maternal & child health and trans-generational transmission of chronic disease risk are fundamentally reduced, and disparities in a child’s life chances are reduced through better cognitive, mental & physical health trajectories.

Latest Publication

Schoenaker DA, Stephenson J, Smith H, Thurland K, Duncan H, Godfrey KM, Barker M, Singh C, Alwan NA, for the UK Preconception Partnership. Women's preconception health in England: a report card based on cross-sectional analysis of national maternity services data from 2018/2019. BJOG 2023.

Latest Event

Our next roundtable meeting will be held on 24 June 2024. Contact us for further details.