The UK Preconception Partnership (UK PP) Co-produced Research Priorities 2024

The below research priorities were co-produced by experts by experience and members of the UK PP through a process of online surveys followed by a facilitated in-person workshop with a diverse mix of people (17 members of the public and 13 UK PP members):

  • Health inequalities in relation to preconception health
  • Behaviours and routines/how to improve preconception health (including mental and physical health) and how to evaluate relevant interventions/policies
  • Understanding more about preconception health/preparation for pregnancy
  • Where and how to deliver preconception care
  • Tailored preconception care for particular groups including age, culture & family
  • Where to find the right information/raising awareness
  • Engaging with policymakers and funders

Further information about the process of co-production that led to these research priorities will be available on the UK PP website soon.